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Kabaret On-Air Local and Live: Annie Oakley at KGNU Kabaret Radio Show:


July 13, 2021

Annie Oakley have fought hard for happiness. At just 23-years-old, twin sisters Sophia and Jo had faced a decade of darkness. Then they built lighthouses. Annie Oakley’s official debut, Second Day of Spring, is a towering beacon: a victorious indie-folk record that further introduces two brilliant songwriters with mesmerizing harmonies, offering the rest of us comfort in treacherous corners. “A lot of this album is rooted in healing from familial hurt,” says Sophia. “There are songs about marriage, grief, mistrust, and healing." Hope cracks through early songs on Second Day of Spring like grass growing in sidewalks, before sprawling out into lush meadows by the end of the record. Sophia and Jo were homeschooled and raised on farmland just outside of Norman, Oklahoma. Their lives changed abruptly at 13, when their father, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease, took his own life. On the album, a gradual march toward openness, possibility, and warmth is underway, tracing Sophia and Jo’s real-world path. “It’s been 10 years since our dad died, and it’s taken 10 years for us to get to this point where we feel like trusting,” Sophia says. When asked what they hope listeners experience, Annie Oakley offer wishes of beauty: “I want them to hold the beauty of the world––to experience the feeling of ‘I’m glad I’m alive today. I’m glad I get to see this,’” Sophia says. “There is still beauty, even amidst all the darkness.”

Artist: Kabaret On-Air Local and Live: Annie Oakley

Venue: KGNU Kabaret Radio Show