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AfterFM - Johnnie Johnson

  • AfterFM - Johnnie Johnson


    Johnnie Johnson show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. I have been an overnight DJ at KGNU for 35 years off and on, starting out in the news department. I love the free format of KGNU as we love local and independent artists! I am an old school DJ, I started thinking about being a DJ when I was 12 and would pretend I was on KDKO the R&B AM station in Denver. As a blind person I love figuring out the next number one songs long before they became so, and I was right 95 percent of the time. I now book concerts for grass-root and disabled artists and I am the only blind TV producer and host in Colorado for the last 25 years on Denver Comcast 56, 57 and 219. http//www.innervisionrecords.org,http://www.twitter.com/innervisonreco, http://www.facebook.com/innervisionRecords My face book talks about my nonprofit, so if you see a jazz record company, that is the other Innervisionrecords in California.