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Sleepless Nights

Late night freeform eclectic show

12:00 am - 03:00 am MT

with Dj Umo 1

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Restless Mornings

Early morning freeform eclectic show

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AfterFM - Marco Mangione

  • AfterFM - Marco Mangione


    Marco Mangione show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. I segued from an unchallenged ill-informed commercial music consumer into the enlightened path of independent music listener in the early nineties by switching on the local college radio station WRPI. This was my introduction to music not just some pre-prescribed programing, but challenge your shit music that made you actively listen. By listening, I realized two divergent genres existed, good and bad. Amazingly, bad music kept me tuned in longer. Flash forward two years post Y2K into Radio 1190 KVCU Boulder. Here the art broadcasting, an ability to captivate a listener through the invisible wavelengths was palatable. Shows like TerraSonic (Joel Davis) and Route 78 West (Uncle Jeff) ensured I was in the hands of some amazing mentors that turned me onto the art of broadcast dynamism. At some point in 2013 I was asked to join KGNU, and could not resist the opportunity broadcasting in frequency modulation. So tune in, turn it up, and remember - Life should never impede upon listening to music!