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The AfterFM Annex

Turn up your afternoon with the best and boldest sounds from the AfterFM vault.

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm MT

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  • Artist: Cujo
  • Track: Fat Ass Joint
  • Album: Adventures in Foam

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The Opera Box

Contemporary and vintage Opera recordings.

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm MT

AfterFM - Cal Huss

  • AfterFM - Cal Huss


    Cal Huss show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. In 2010, I started hanging around the local college station even though I wasn't a student. I harbored a massive passion for music, and that's what kept me coming back. I spent a lot of time on-air over the next couple of years. I continued to do some radio when I moved to the PNW, but soon found myself too mobile to have a dedicated presence on any dial. I lived on two islands at the north and south ends of the continent and bounced around various regenerative environmental projects in the space between. But, even when I was sitting in the canopy of a mango tree or busy learning about soil microbiology, I found myself designing little radio sets in my head. I'd imagine which tracks would go well together or how I'd introduce artists. Yes, I'm aware of just how nerdy that is. Guess I caught the bug. Eventually, I found footing back on the home turf (Denver) and became permanent enough to get back into broadcasting. I always knew that KGNU was the most crucial station we had on the Front Range, so I hit up a friend from the college radio days (Uncle Jeff) and asked if he could help get me a spot. He obliged, and sooner than later, I became a regular Afternoon Sound host. My first show was on the Winter Solstice of 2016. Since then, I've never played the same song twice. I'll probably keep it that way for the foreseeable future. I approach music from an archaeological perspective, and in my shows, you'll find treasures I've dug out from deep corners of the earth- from all time periods. I skew towards things called "psych," "funk," "hip hop," "jazz," and related forms, but especially appreciate when those lines get blurred or disappear completely. Just about every genre finds its way into my sets. I love highlighting the context behind the art and particularly care for songs/albums/artists that may have been iconoclastic or groundbreaking in their day. Shows I host: The Heavy Set / TerraSonic / The Afternoon Sound Alternative / The Morning Sound Alternative