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The Morning Sound Alternative

Diverse and eclectic sounds, on the mellow side.

09:30 am - 12:06 pm MT

with Brian Eyster

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  • Artist: Yaron Herman Trio
  • Track: No Surprises
  • Album: Follow The White Rabbit

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The Afternoon Sound Alternative

Diverse and eclectic sounds on the more adventurous side

12:06 pm - 3:00 pm MT

AfterFM - Natalie Shrewsbury

  • AfterFM - Natalie Shrewsbury


    Natalie Shrewsbury show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. I grew up in Halifax and Burlington, Vermont. In Halifax, I grew up listening to the music of chickens, nature, and the occasional sounds of the concertina. Over the years, I played the flute, sung in women's activist groups and overall found music to be soothing and the link to understanding cultures, deepening friendships, and connecting with the community. When and why KGNU? My son was a Youth Radio News Reporter from 2002-2004-- during that time I also connected with KGNU news, doing a few short stories-- Well, life happened, my son went to college, I left the state for a few years, and finally ended up back in Colorado around 2014. I moved to Fort Collins and noticed that KGNU had put a Translator in LaPorte--the town down the road. I started to consider doing news programming again. However, once I took the training, I realized that news can be depressing and music is fun. I have been at KGNU for almost 2 years. Most of my time has been spent on the late-night circuit: Sleepless Nights and Restless Mornings. Recently, I was honored to get an invitation to be a permanent DJ on Gospel Chime. I love world music and will be subbing some for Musica Mundi and perhaps Seolta Gael. I love the history and cultures connected to diverse music. My shows have included music devoted to Latin America, Sea Shanties, Cuban, Ska, Reggae, World Gospel, Acadian, Southern roots, Americana, European and the Middle East, and some Tuvan throat singing. I play a variety of mostly fast-paced/energetic or music that inspires. Shows Natalie hosts: Gospel Chime / Musica Mundi / Restless Mornings / Sleepless Nights