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Smash It Back!

Classic Punk and other junk.

11:00 pm - 12:00 am MT

with Ann Cantelow

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  • Artist: The Cramps
  • Track: Human Fly
  • Album: Off The Bone

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Sleepless Nights

Late night freeform eclectic show

12:00 am - 03:00 am MT

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Biography:  About 50% of people get chills when listening to a song they like - I'm one of those. Music generates a powerful response in me. I love sharing that undercurrent with others wired the same. In the studio, I sometimes think, "This next one, this is gonna change someone's life." That may not be realistic, but broadcasting gives me a shot at brightening someone's day with a good song, and it's pretty gratifying to think I can have that impact for another through something so simple.

During my shows, listeners can expect to hear Innovative, unique downtempo and chill-house electronica with some remixed classics artfully blended in.

Shows I host: Restless Mornings/Sleepless Nights

Archive:  http://www.afterfm.com/AlexHearn

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