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The Morning Sound Alternative

Diverse and eclectic sounds, on the mellow side.

09:30 am - 12:06 pm MT

with Greg Schultz

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The Afternoon Sound Alternative

Diverse and eclectic sounds on the more adventurous side

12:06 pm - 3:00 pm MT

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LEAF2023: Rue Bainbridge at Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival:


April 21, 2023

Show 7pm; All ages. FREE EVENT. Rue Bainbridge, the duo of Gryphon Rue and Benton C Bainbridge, exists in the intersection of expanded cinema and sonic art. Generating electric calligraphy with a hacked game console, the light patterns become a score, with visual rhythmicity suggesting electro-acoustic events. Perception shifts as light and sound momentarily synchronize, tracing a zone of concentrated intricacy. Coaxing voltages into waves of dynamic energy, the duo improvise a space for collective dreaming, where quirks of human hand and electricity spawn impressions of nature and asemic writing. Pure and synthesized tones cast an aura of suspended disbelief—ethereal pictures emerge from the earth-bound instruments: elemental scenes, avalanches in wintry landscapes, rocks careening down a mountainside. Through the inducement of hypnotic states, Rue Bainbridge create “high touch” work in subversion of techno-logic; retrieving the primacy of intimate experience over the alienation of mediated, distant connections. Eschewing the convenience of digital recall, each performance interweaves the sharpening of perception with pleasureful immersion. *********** address of this event: Founder’s Hall, Center for Musical Arts, 200 East Baseline Rd., Lafayette, CO 80026

Artist: LEAF2023: Rue Bainbridge

Venue: Lafayette Electronic Arts Festival