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Restless Mornings

Early morning freeform eclectic show

03:00 am - 05:30 am MT

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First Catch

Make your way into the day with AfterFM’s mellow morning mix.

05:30 am - 09:30 am MT

AfterFM - David Mcwade

  • AfterFM - David Mcwade


    David Mcwade show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. I lived in Pittsburgh for 28 years (my entire adult life) and did radio for the last 10 years of that. Then, I picked up and left for Colorado, without chasing a job here, 4 years ago, all because of relocation astrology, which is my chosen career. I am also an activist for Democratic causes and am a contra dancer (never thought I'd do that.) During my shows, I play many genres of music. I try to play what I think is the best of each genre. I also try to play less well-known things (indie). Most of what I play has a pop flavor and I also believe in playing synths and things without guitars. Power pop, singer-songwriter, alt-country, celestial, art pop, post-rock, etc. Shows I host: Sleepless Nights / Smash It Back! / The Afternoon Sound Alternative