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Sunday Soak

Kiss those Sunday blues goodbye with a mixture of tranquil and relaxing sounds that are sure to brighten up the end of your weekend.

11:00 am - 7:00 pm MT

with DJ Modpants

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  • Artist: Lee Fields & The Expressions
  • Track: Will I Get off Easy
  • Album: It Rains Love

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Hip-Hop: Old school sounds scratched with modern flavor.

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm MT

AfterFM - Keith Colligan

  • AfterFM - Keith Colligan


    Keith Colligan show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. I grew up in the Denver area and moved to Boulder after High School. Music, which was mostly singing, was a daily class at my Catholic elementary school. I enjoyed singing at church especially when they introduced folky "guitar mass." I used to dance to disco as a preteen. I started attending concerts as a teenager. I haven't attended regular worship service for decades but still thrive on the social communion and catharsis of live music. I discovered KGNU in the fall of 1983 and became a listener member. I used to listen all hours and soon was pleasantly overwhelmed with the depth and breadth of music possibilities. I was always grateful to the DJ's for expanding and decorating my aural world. I was also informed and transformed by the public affairs programming and am a devotee of the station. I learned to appreciate a wide variety of music and never became attached to any genre. My shows switch focus from pop to folk moving through rock, reggae, blues, soul, funk, punk, techno, jam, world, novelty, bluegrass, and country. Always changing within tracks and throughout the show. New releases with some choice finds from the library or highlights for upcoming shows. Live production mostly CDs and LPs. Shows DJ Keith Hosts: Restless Mornings / Sleepless Nights