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The AfterFM Annex

Turn up your afternoon with the best and boldest sounds from the AfterFM vault.

3:00 pm - 7:00 pm MT

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  • Artist: Lukid
  • Track: Wake Up
  • Album: Onandon

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Seolta Gael

A weekly exploration of Celtic music.

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm MT

AfterFM - Barbara Paris

  • AfterFM - Barbara Paris


    Barbara Paris show archive and podcasts on afterfm.com. My name is Barbara Paris. I am a Colorado native and have been a Boulder County resident since the mid-’70s. I met Michael and Mouse when I was 19 years old before they relocated to Boulder. Our businesses shared the same corner in Denver on 44th and Tennyson. I have been a performing and recording artist for the last 35 years. I am an enthusiast of classic jazz. I often mention this to people and they aren't sure what this means. Jazz has such a long history and there are many different types of jazz. As a jazz vocalist, I often notice people thinking that jazz is just improvisation, trumpets and horns. I am doing a program on Jazz Lives which will feature classic jazz. It will include recordings spanning nine decades. I will be playing music that takes a historical look into the vocalists who have been fundamental in the jazz genre. I will also include instrumentalist of the classic jazz genre along with varied big bands. Each show will also feature an emerging independent artist to include local jazz artists. Please tune in and join me for an insight into classic jazz. Jazz that will soothe your senses and swing your spirit. We will go on an in-depth journey into the history of the standards and the talented musicians of our community. What I am listening to: Shows I host: Jazz Lives Facebook: @parissings